The following testimonials are written by parents of Linder Young Learners Academy, (LYLA), professionals in the Autism field and of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders that have attended The Learning Lane (TLL).

LYLA (Previous Owner’s Son) – I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate your kindness in accommodating Aidan through toddler blue at Linder Young Learners Academy after you purchased the school from my parents in 2012. As you are aware, our 5 year old daughter Avery also attended from the time she was 3 months old through preschool, so we have very fond memories built there. Having attended Liner Young Learners Academy as a child and watching my parents’ business grow since it was founded in 1982 (the year my young brother Alex was born), it brought me great happiness to see how dedicated you two were in updating the school and promoting a secure and happy environment for the children to grow in. The social events that have been put together for the holidays and special occasions with the parents and children are fantastic and a great opportunity for the parents to get to know Linder staff.

We will miss all of the amazing teachers there. We would like to give a special thanks to Ms. Martha, Ms. Aracelli, Ms. Betty, Ms. Clarissa, Ms. Leslie, Ms. Taisha and Ms. Debra, those who are near and dear to our families’ hearts.

LYLA – Linder Young Learners Academy has been an integral part of turning my shy wallflower into an outgoing blossom. She is progressing daily,  socially and academically. Abby is academically ahead of where any of her 4 older siblings were at her age. As a teacher, one cannot ask for a better place to develop young minds.

TLL – Having the opportunity to interact with the Learning Lane staff during my recent training was an added bonus. They were bright, energetic and whenever they spoke of one of their students their faces lit up. I thought afterwards, Wow, If I had a child with an autism spectrum disorder, that’s where I would want to send them. Keep up the excellent work”. James Ball, Ed.D., BCBA-D, President/CEO, JB Autism Consulting

LYLA-Linder Young Learners Academy is an amazing place for children to learn, grow, and thrive.  Our son has been attending Linder Young Learners Academy since January 2013 and he has really grown by leaps and bounds.  The teachers and staff are very dedicated to helping children and meeting them where they are at in life.  It is a family-oriented facility with many activities throughout the year for parents to participate in along with their children.  We would not think of going any where else. They should be commended for the hard work they all do each day.  Heidi and Greg Green TLL- Our family is absolutely thrilled with the progress our daughter has made since beginning at The Learning Lane in Nov 2008 (at the age of 34 months). She was diagnosed with Autism in July 2008. When she started at TLL, she was virtually non-verbal and had many sensory issues. We saw our first burst of speech by March 2009. Eighteen months later, she is now fully communicative on every level. She is able to appropriately and succinctly share her needs, thoughts, observations and feelings. She loves to sing songs and play imaginatively all the time. She turned 4 a few months ago and she already has a strong academic foundation. She is able to read a variety of books (long Dr. Seuss books…with great inflection in her voice), add and subtract, and write sentences. Her current level of compassion, affection, imagination, humor, and communication is one that would have been hard to imagine when she was first diagnosed. One of our most special milestones was when she recently let us paint her toenails! For years, we have had an impossible time clipping her nails & whenever we mentioned polish, she’d run away screaming! Now — she loves it!” Since beginning at The Learning Lane, she has bloomed so beautifully in a loving, enriching and caring environment; one that she looks forward to going to everyday! She loves her teachers and her friends. Her incredible progress through The Learning Lane has essentially changed the course of her life. We will forever be grateful to the staff at The Learning Lane.

TLL-“My husband and I are very pleased with the progress that our daughter has made since enrolling at The Learning Lane a few months ago. The staff at the school provides a caring and nurturing educational environment that has worked out great for our daughter. She’s becoming more expressive, affectionate, and interactive every day.